Visual & Media Arts

Teacher: Mrs Silvia Menelaou

Years 1/2 C & 1/2 D & EAL Semester 1


Visual Arts - Keepsake Sculpture Project


During this project students investigate the question: How do artists express their feelings and memories through sculpture?


Students looked at and responded to a sculpture called ‘Sweeney's Keepsake’ (1987) by Les Kossatz here on the right. This sculpture is part of the collection of the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Heidelberg.


Then students communicated their own special memory thought making their completed Keepsake Heart Sculpture using various materials, techniques and processes.

Media Arts -  Play School Art Maker Project

During this project students are introduced and shown how to use the Play School Art Maker app on the iPad's. Students create collage pictures, short animations and slideshows with toys and craft items from ABC Play School. Students will upload their own photos for background and add audio to the videos. 

Their aim is to create a short video on the app that tells a short story. Students will plan and edit this story before presenting their final copy.


Years 3/4A, 3/4B & 3/4E Semester 2


Media Arts - Stop Motion Animation





During this Project Students are creating a Stop Motion animation that will turn a 15-second story into a visually exciting animated movie using this simple process.

Stop Motion is a basic form of animation where a set of still photos, played in a rapid sequence, creates the illusion of movement. It follows the same basic principle as a flip book.


Stop Motion Animation is a really fun way to learn the basics of film making and animation.


Years 5/6 Semester 2


Media Arts - Claymation Animation (Stop Motion)




During this project students are creating a Claymation animation using the Stop Motion technique that will communicate an important message related to their Inquiry topic: Vietnam, Refugee's, etc.

Claymation is a method of film animation using adjustable clay figures and stop motion photography.