Physical Education


Term 1 – Grade 3/4

Students begin the school year with collecting data for 4 skills sets; Overarm Throw, Hand-Eye Coordination, Rebound Catching and Running.  These activities will be conducted again later in the year to track progress.

Kanga Cricket is the first Sport the students explore.  This is an age appropriate modified game of Cricket.  The main focuses are Two Hand Strike and Overarm Throw.

Following Kanga Cricket, students get familiar with Dodgeball.  Students rely on skills of Footwork, Catching and Throw with a ‘sling’ action.


Grade 5/6

Students start the year recording results for 4 skills sets; Overarm Throw, Catching, Basketball Shots and Running.  Later in the year they will do the same activities to determine any improvement.

Softball/Tee-ball is the first Sport students practice.  Other than learning the correct Throwing and Catching technique, they learn game play.

Next they get stuck into Cricket where the same skills are transferrable, however, they need to adjust to different game style and match play.


Grade 5/6 students also begin Interschool Sport Competition.  Meadow Heights PS play other school Friday mornings against other schools in the Greenvale area.  The Summer sports offered for our students are Volleyball, Cricket, Softball and Basketball.  


Term 2 - Grade 3/4

In the second term, students undertake Track & Field Athletic events in P.E.  High Jump, Long Jump and Shot put were just some of the disciplines they do.  Students that performed well have the chance to be selected into the Meadow Heights Athletics squad.

Later in the term, Grade 3/4 students participate in a Football Clinic run in conjunction with Essendon FC.  Punting, Marking and Handball are the skill sets taught, as well as Team Work and Sportsmanship.

This term also included the Cross Country for the Grade 3/4s.  Those lucky enough represented the school to compete in the Green Gully District held at Brimbank Park.

Grade 5/6

In the second term, Athletics Track & Field is covered.  Here the students have the opportunity to build upon the knowledge gained from the previous and extend their ability to get selected into the Athletics squad for Meadow Heights.

Interschool sports is again conducted in this term.  This time our students competed in Mixed Soccer and Girls Soccer, as well as Mixed Netball and Girls Netball.

This term also staged the Cross Country Event.  Those lucky enough to be selected after try outs, competed in the Green Gully District held at Brimbank Park.


Term 3 - Grade 3/4

In Term 3, Gymnastics is introduced for the first time for Grade 3/4 students.  Through a certified instructor our students learn and explore gymnastics fundamentals such as landing, rolls/cartwheels and balancing along with increasing their strength.

In this term Grade 3/4 get introduced to Volleyball through Newcomb (a modified Volleyball game which includes catching and throwing), this is an game students of all levels can enjoy thoroughly.

Athletics is also staged in the term.  Students selected from the previous term represent the school within the Green Gully District under the Greenvale Division and compete at Meadowglen Athletics International Track.

Grade 5/6

In Term 3, due to the weather Volleyball is taught in the gymnasium  - a student favourite in the school.  Students also undertake the Beep Test and Air Hockey under the roof of the gym.

Meadow Heights will take part in Interschool Sports in the third term for the first time.  This term students that have not yet represent the school, has the chance to compete.  Sports up for offer are: Tennis, Touch Rugby, Rounders and European Handball.

This term Athletics is held.  Students are selected from the previous term.  They compete within the Green Gully District under the Greenvale Division and travel to the Meadowglen Athletics International Track.