Grade 3/4

Grade 3/4 2018

Welcome to Term 4


Term 4 is upon us and the 3/4 students are as busy as ever with their learning!! This term in we will be looking at narratives and poetry. Also, in Inquiry we will be learning all about how the human body works. During this topic, we will explore the different systems within our bodies such as the circulatory and respiratory systems. To assist us in find out more about this topic, students will participate in the Journey Through the Human Body incursion run by The Bones Show For Kids. This incursion will be a valuable tool for allowing students to further develop their understandings of the skeletal structure and major organs in the human body. We will then finish of the term on a high with an excursion to Kemizo Entertainment Centre.

We look forward to the term ahead and we thank our families for their support this year.



Welcome to Term 3




Welcome to Term 3! We have already had a great start to the term! In Reading, students will be learning about synonyms, using the 4Rs (Reword, Rearrange, Realise and Recheck) to assist them when paraphrasing and summarising. In Writing, students will learn about and have the opportunity to write their own explanation texts. In Maths, students will be focusing on mass, capacity, location, fractions, statistics and probability and money. Finally, in Inquiry, students will be exploring the topic ‘How, why and what do people invent?’. As part of this topic, Anatoli from Craft Power will be visiting the 3/4s and showing students how to make their own battery operated race cars.




Stay tuned for more from the 3/4 team!


Welcome to Term 2!



Welcome back to all our families! Term 2 is shaping up to be a very exciting and busy term! In reading, students will be exploring how to find the main idea of a text and questioning as we read. In writing, students will learn about and have the opportunity to write their own persuasive and informational texts. In maths students will learn about subtraction, time, multiplication and division. Also, the Grade 3/4 students will be exploring the Inquiry topic “What can we do to look after our environment?” where they will learn about what happens if we do not look after our environment and what we can do to care for it. Students will also be visiting where they will learn more about the environment. 



We look forward to sharing what we have learnt with you!



Welcome to Term 1, 2018!



Welcome back to another fun filled year of learning experiences! This term, the Grade 3/4 students will be participating in the Start Up program where they will get to know their classmates, the classroom and expectations whilst also upholding the school values of equality, excellence and respect. Students will also be exploring the Inquiry topic ‘What groups in our community do people belong to?’ where they will learn about the different groups in our community and what it means to belong to those groups.


We look forward to sharing more of our learning with you throughout the year!