Grade 5/6

Grade 5/6 2017





WELCOME TO 5/6 2017!!



Hello and welcome back to another exciting year at MHPS. We have a lot to look forward to this year and we have already started with two very exciting incursions in Term one.





GTAC science incursion - Students learnt and were involved in interactive experiments that developed their understanding about genetics and how our genes determine our physical make up.







Billy Cart Supreme Incursion -   Students were involved in creating and riding billy carts. From drawing a blue print of their own billy cart to building a billy cart from scratch and then riding in one.


As part of our inquiry topic, students attended the Melbourne Zoo. The students were there to be part of the Save Our Species Challenge.

Students looked forward to meeting the keepers and applying their knowledge and investigating key questions throughout the day.

Before their visit students watched a pre-visit video as a class. This encouraged students to prepare questions they would ask as well as becoming familiar with educators they would meet during the visit.

When students arrived, they were encouraged to begin a student-led exploration and choice through challenge questions given to students at the beginning of their experience.

Each student was provided with an SOS Licence (lanyard) to wear throughout the day which included a map of the Zoo, time and location of their educator-led experience (workshop), challenge questions and Keeper Presentations.

By the end of the day students were properly informed about the  opic of endangered animals. The information gathered was a great beginning to lead the way for our Inquiry topic this term.

Term 3 & 4

The inquiry unit for term 3 and 4 focus is on Australian History. The central ideas are:  

1. Who were the people that came to Australia during the Gold Rush? Where did they come from?


2. What was life like on the Gold Fields for different groups of people?


3. How did the Gold Rush change life for people living in Victoria?

The students have had an incursion by Two For The Road'. It was an introduction to our inquiry unit. The focus is the 'Gold Rush Era'. We have planned an excursion for term 4 to Sovereign Hill. We are all excited to spend a day in Ballarat exploring our Australian History, by panning for gold. 

The grade 5/6 students have focused on Australian History during literacy and have been reading about the 'Gold Rush Era'. During maths the focus has been on measurement, covering area and perimeter, capacity and volume.

In Term 4, Graduation will be upon us in no time at all. The students are excited and are looking forward to celebrating their final year at Meadow Heights Primary School. We are in the middle of organising the grade 6 Graduation Night. We are all looking forward to the celebration and the end of the year an excursion to Luna Park.