Grade 1/2



Welcome to Year 1/2 at Meadow Heights Primary School.


Term One

In Term one we had a busy term getting to know new teachers, new classmates and new classrooms.

In Inquiry our topic of study was “The Games People Play”. In this unit we explored different types of games, ranging from computer games, games we play at school to sports, culminating in an excursion to an indoor sports and ten pin bowling centre.

In SHARE we’ve explored topics such as; how to get along with other people and how to be good friends.

In Numeracy we’ve learnt about place value, addition and problem solving skills.

In Literacy our focus has been on recounting our experiences, such as in our holidays and on our excursions. We have also used our Inquiry topics to explore how to write procedural texts, explaining how to play our favourite games.


Term Two


Welcome to term 2 in the 1/2s. This term in Numeracy we are learning about how to solve worded maths problems, read and record analogue and digital time, read and write multiplication and division number stories. In Writing we're learning about how to create a narrative, by using strategies such as the power of three and developing problems and solutions for our characters. In Reading we are learning to infer how characters in a book are feeling based on evidence from the text, such as facial expressions.


Term Three

Term 3 is a great time full of lots of fun learning events. Our Inquiry topic is “What does it mean to be healthy?” Through this topic we get to explore areas such as healthy eating, through the “Healthy Snack Attack” incursion and explore the different ways we can keep fit.

In Numeracy we’re learning about recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes, understanding fractions, looking at how we can measure length, mass and capacity, as well as problem solving skills. In Literacy our focus is on how to write a persuasive text. We are also learning about how to read and use an information text.

Term Four
In term 4 the weeks are warming up and the Year 1/2s are learning about lots of fun and engaging things. Our inquiry questions are:

   1. How do we mark occasions in our lives?

   2. How and why do we celebrate special events?
Through these questions we will explore how we celebrate occasions in our own lives and how people in other cultures celebrate.
In Literacy we are learning how to write information texts and infer meaning from clues in the text. In Numeracy our foci include learning about money, probability and data. In ICT we are learning how to create algorithms to direct BeeBots.