Whole School Play 2017

The play was brought to us by the Australia Playhouse theatre company. This company has been touring primary and secondary schools since 2009. They bring the best actors and creative forces in New Zealand together to create a play that is funny (for all ages), educational and inspiring.


What was the show about?

Bear-boy-band singing sensation Baby Bear has been kidnapped! When a ransom note is discovered asking for an unlimited supply of ‘Just Right Porridge’ all hands and paws point straight at Goldilocks.

Facing a life sentence of uncomfortable beds, chairs and cold porridge she turns to the only cool-cat capable of cracking the case, the mysterious super-sleuth in boots known to all as the ‘Pet Detective’ Goldilocks discovers that sometimes when everything seems too hard, all you need is a friendly feline and a whole lot of perseverance to make it all just purrrrrrrrrfect. The moral of the story was: Never judge a book by its cover – meaning to make sure to have all the facts before accusing someone.


It was a great entertaining and funny show, and we look forward to welcoming the Australia Playhouse actors next year for their 2018 show “Red Riding Robyn Hood”.