FlexiBuzz School App

On the 28th April, 2017 the Tiqbiz app was rebranded to FlexiBuzz. So you will no longer see the tiqbiz logo on your phone or ipad. Instead you will see the FlexiBuzz logo as above,

You will need to update the app in the AppStore or Google Play store. Once this update is done you will see the FlexiBuzz logo above. Once you open the app you will be asked to log in. You just need to use your email address and password you selected when you first registered with tiqbiz.

If you forgot your password then just click/select ‘Forgot?’ and follow the directions to reset your password.

If you have any issues please come and see the staff in the office for help, or ask your child’s classroom teacher.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Menelaou

eLearning Leader @ MHPS